More About Me

Your Go-to Real Estate Professional

Buying and selling homes should be experiences worth remembering, and it’s that belief that made Anuka join the real estate industry.

When Anuka moved to the Bay Area, she quickly fell in love with the landscapes, houses, friendly culture, the diversity of the people, and near-perfect weather. Just like herself, she wanted to genuinely enable others to also be able to call this beautiful place their home.

Her goal is empowering and enhancing other people’s lives. She does that through providing the simplest of things: service. Service in her mind means caring.Anuka has an extensive professional background in Advertising and Marketing making her a customer-service, problem-solving and data driven individual.

Anuka naturally has a penchant for making people feel at ease with her calm and caring demeanor. She will instantly make you feel the most important person in the room and will strive to be 100% devoted to your needs while making the process fun, easy, memorable and stress-free. Anuka is a strategic and principled negotiator and is always keen on utilizing her persuasive skills which she learnt from the best at Yale University to ensure a successful transaction for her clients.

Anuka is a care-giver by nature, she feels empowered and privileged to be actively volunteering for the uplifting of the underprivileged in various parts of the world. She strongly believes that giving is the greatest act of Grace and even a smallest act of kindness can bring about a positive change.

I am all about work-life balance, too. When I’m not helping buyers and sellers, I spend my free time growing my own vegetables and fruits, or spend quality time with family on a fun vacation. I also love to spend my time creating art inspired from my own experiences, as well as DIY home décor for family, friends and myself.

Anuka has an in-depth understanding of the real estate market and is very knowledgeable.  She is transparent, honest, trustworthy, proactive, prompt, communicative, 24/7 available, thorough and detail-oriented – and she promises to be alongside you every step of the way.